Raw Material

A Quality raw material are the necessary requirements for any quality finished product. We bring in scrap and rework them to produce rods of desired shapes and sizes. We have melt units to convert these scraps to raw materials for machining.


We have our in built casting facility where we used the imported scraps and melt them. Thus we welcome any suppliers who are interested in supplying these scrap to us. By melting we make these scraps to different shapes and sizes, as per our requirement and then forwarded to our forging/machine department for further process.

Manufacturing and machining

We have Manual,Semi Automatic and automatic turning machines with an accuracy of +_0.05mm tolerance.

Surface finish/plating

This is being outsourced locally. There are many good electroplaters locally available, who can do golden plating, Silver Plating, Copper plating, Lead Plating etc.


We have quality control department, which ensures that each product manufactured as exactly to the print and each process are controlled and the quality of the parts maintained throughout the entire process. We provide inspection reports to our customers if required.


A wide range of option for packaging material like corrugated boxes, wooden cases, pallet packing etc.

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